Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Joy of Beeswax

Encaustic Classes Kingston
Artist & Facilitator Julie Davidson Smith

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There is a big "buzz buzz" in Kingston Ontario

Award winning artist & facilitator Julie Davidson Smith is busy sharing her beeswax wisdom with her encaustic workshops

My Encaustic Website

2012 Fall Workshops

Intro to Encaustic Painting Sept. 30th, 10am - 3pm, $125 HST/Supplies

Powerful - Creative Women Series (Date to be posted)
Drills, Hammers, Wood, Wax
This workshops goes from paint brushes to power tools, hammers, nails, glue & wax
Come and explore 2 & 3 dimensional wax art - building, layering and playing with wood objects. Discover the joy of found wood, drift wood, plywood and mix it up with wax, images and go beyond flat paintings.

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